Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hungry for Change

That's the tagline of the one of this year's nominees for Best Documentary Feature, Food Inc. I just finished watching it, and am here to tell you, all of you and everyone you know, to watch this movie. It might be the most important movie you ever watch.

I've watched a number of food documentaries, but this is the one that I would recommend to absolutely everyone I know. So what makes Food Inc. so different? First, as a disclaimer to anyone out there who might disregard this endorsement because of its source, this is not a vegetarian propaganda movie. In fact, one of the "heroes" of this documentary is a beef, pork, and chicken farmer. What this movie does is show you where your food really comes from, what you're really eating. It informs the audience so they can make informed decisions about what they want to put into their bodies.

You have a choice to make. First you can go out and watch the movie. It will tell you things you probably don't want to hear, probably already have an idea of locked away somewhere deep in your mind, but need to know for the health of yourself and your planet. Or, you can continue to live in denial, you can choose the deception, you can choose to ignore what is really out there because it is cheap and convenient. But I assure you, cheap comes at a great cost. So what will it be? Will you take control of the food you eat and become informed? Or will you stick your head in the sand?

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