Sunday, January 31, 2010

You can't stop the Beet... or can you?

You thought I forgot about Beet Week didn't you? Not so! I had one last beet recipe in store, but I only just got around to making it today.

I found this recipe for Crispy Beet Chips and thought it sounded like a good idea. I love sweet & salty food, and I love chips, how could I go wrong. Armed with a newly purchased mandolin and an apron, I excitedly sliced my beet potato chip thin, lovingly arranged them on my cookie sheet, oiled and salted them and popped them into a toasty oven.

Remember how I said "How could I go wrong"? Well, I don't know what I did, but it went wrong. They curled up causing them to cook unevenly - some bits were singed while other bits were still soft. As you can see, not that appetizing.

Ok, so a few turned out well, and they were quite tasty. Since half burnt beets don't taste very good the batch as a whole gets a fail. Maybe my oven was too hot, I'm not sure, but this wasn't one of my shining moments in the kitchen.

So why am I sharing it with you? In the scientific community, negative results are almost never reported, and I suspect that food blogs follow this same pattern. The Journal of Negative Results was created to counteract this deceiving practice, so I am trying to do the same for food blogs by sharing with you my culinary failures as well as my triumphs. Also, they photographed well, so maybe not a total loss eh?